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Convert Airtime To Cash

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:05 pm

ClubYou is a platform where group of people donate Airtime to individuals and the airtime can be converted to cash or load as a calling card. ClubYou has a style of operation from others service provider.

Its a new system of receiving cash donations without stress of banking.

Through Club U community platform, members are entitled with a fix donations which are set during registrations.

Join ClubYou today to take part in the new system of receiving airtime and convert it into cash or use it as a airtime on your phone.

How it Work
Before you take benefit in ClubYou Community, you need to register, get your registration code, get your Downline ID N0, then first donate in the ClubYou.

Once you register, we are going to queue you in the donation line where people will donate to you.

Once we queue you, you have 24hours to donate. Once you donate wait for 1week to request Donations. Note; if you do not donate, your account will be deleted within the period.

Receiver Notice:
You must published each donator's downline code once you have received your complete down line donations, along with your testimony on ClubU WhatsApp Group channel. 

The new people will donate to old people, and as the old people received they will queue to donate to others, that's how it work.

When you donate On Wednesday, wait till next Wednesday to request a donations and once you request, within 24hours, donations will be made to you via SMS.

Make sure your phone is on to receive donations.
And are you worried how the airtime can be converted to cash or transfer to banks.

Zoranga is a special company with a unique story, fascinating characters and a compelling plot.

Zoranga was founded in 2014 to help people and businesses to instantly, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive money using airtime.

People can do so much more with Zoranga.
A good example of that is ClubYou which allows people to donate cash to individual using airtime.

Our story is unique. Our customers help us tell the story every day.
We invite you to be a part of our story.

How can I register Zoranga?
Visitwww.zoranga.comclick on register
On Zoranga you can transfer the converted airtime to your bank or other banks. If Doubt me about Zoranga, simply logon towww.Zoranga.comregister and buy any airtime network pin to fund your Zoranga account instantly then you will see reason why we

want you to participate and register on ClubYou account to start receiving unlimited airtime to convert to cash.

How much can I donate?
Your donations amount doesn't matter.

what matter is what you want to receive when you need donations.
When You donate N500 airtime, down line of N500 donations will be donated to you.

So any amount you donate is not necessary. Donation's Minimum is N100 Maximum is N2000
Donate higher to get high Donations.

How to know your donations Downline:
The following list contained donations Downline:

1. 20 downline attract fee of N200 during Registration

2. 50 downline attract fee of N500 during Registration

3. 100 Downline attract fee of N750 during Registration

4. 150 downline attract fee of N1000 during Registration

5. 200 Downline attract fee of 1500
The number of Downline you are assigned with during registration is what will be donated to you. We advise you to always donate high to received high.

How to register
You can only register Club'U through the clubU admin WhatsApp Group named Club U Community. The registration is simple and easy.

Simply send your full names, phone number, as text to 08165814065 make sure the line you want to use is connected with WhatsApp.

In the next 10 minutes you will receive a confirmation message contained your member code.

Steps to register on Club You Community and Zoranga account:

Step 1:
Club You Community
Send your full name, phone number in SMS to 08165814065 once ClubU Admin received your message, you will be notify with a Member Code.

Step 2:
You will need to request for a donations downline code, pay with airtime by SMS, example

1. 20 donations downline, fee N200

2. 50 donations downline, fee N500

3. 100 donations downline, N1000

4. 150 donations downline, N1500

5. 200 donations downline, N2000

Pay downline fee by sending airtime pin to 08165814065.

Note; available airtime network currently accepted by Zoranga is MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, after airtime confirmation, within 5-10 mins, you will receive notification message contained your Downline Code Number .

Note: always request donation with your Downline code number and published it on ClubU community.

Step 3:
Logon to Zoranga atwww.zoranga.comto register, on the site, you will be guide on how to register.

Please after you received your donation Downline quickly logon to Zoranga and register before you request donation, because it will help you log the airtime donate to you.

Note you can transfer the cash to your bank once you received all your donation's Downline.

How to Request Donations

Donations request can only be send out on the day your request is due. And can only be send out to the admin.

Only message that can be published on Club U Community is a testimony with a public notice how their have received donations. 
Always be with us.
Club U community
For more detail: email us with your message to

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